Professional Production in Superstructure, Infrastructure and Agricultural Pipe Systems

Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

Hayat Pipe is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE), strengthened against sunrays (UV rays) by means of special additives. Products can be with a diameter of 75, 90, 125, 140, and 160 mm under pressure of 4 and 6 atm., up to 5 m and 6 m long. Depending on customer requests, the size of production can vary. Besides, the baseline can be made of PVC.

Sprinkler irrigation systems enable a fast, practical, efficient and long-lasting agricultural irrigation for customers, thanks to its quick coupling design that ensures lightness, flexibility and high impact strength.

Sprinked Features;

  • It has produced by using high qulity raw materials that has resistance to sun light, alkaline water, thin acids and it has a stainless steel spring durable mechanism and a long lasting body. It operates with the water preasure of 1,5-10 bar.
  • Water sprinkle pin creates dynamic, strong and well drops.
  • It has the feature of operating comfortably in low and medium speed with its spring solitudy adjustment.
  • With its riffled spraying nozzles (4,00mm, 2,5mm) it spins the water an spray it in powder. This prevents beating the leaves.
  • Nozzle fire angle is 30°, full round is 360°.
  • Water dispersion is high (%94-%96) an it does not cause ponding.
  • Maximum coordination rage is 24x24.