Professional Production in Superstructure, Infrastructure and Agricultural Pipe Systems

PEX-b Pipes

PEX-b pipes are the products of Hayat Boru which are manufactured by cross-coupled polyethylene for under floor heating mobile heating and sanitary installation systems the cross-coupled polyethylene(pex) is a material of which the linear molecule chains are reinforced by cross ties Hayat boru applies the most widely-used and trustable method the pex-b pipes are subjected to steam curing and cross coupled after manufacturing the corss coupling introduce extra specialties to the product after manufacturing ın its new state the material resistivity to heat and pressure is increased the servıce life of the higher strength pipes also is not reduced meanwhile.

Hayat boru manufactures pex-b pipes in two different forms as with or without oxygen barrier the oxygen barrier is provided by cladding the exterior surface of the pipe by a special material during manufacturing process the barrier protects the metal components of the pipe against heating liquids and the surfaces of the pipe against corrosive effects of oxygen passing inside.

PEX-b pipes of Hayat boru are produced in accordance with the TS 10762 EN ISO 15875 standards and confidingly made available for customers.